Only One Other Accuser Allowed To Testify In Cosby Sex Assault Trial, Judge Rules

A judge will allow only one additional accuser testify at Bill Cosby‘s sexual assault trial, has learned. The ruling, on Friday morning, blocks prosecutors from calling upon 12 other women as “prior bad act” witnesses. As Radar readers know, Continue reading

DA Claims Bill Cosby Committed A ‘Lifetime Of Sexual Assault’

Bill Cosby conducted a “lifetime of sexual assault on young women,” Montgomery County D.A. Kevin Steele bellowed before the comedian, a judge, and others in a Norristown, PA courtroom today, adding that the 79-year-old “shouldn’t be rewarded for being good Continue reading

America’s Delusional Dad! Cosby ‘Expects To Resume His Career’ After Sex Court Battle

Delusional Bill Cosby still thinks he has a shot at reviving his showbiz career after being branded a perverted predator and serial rapist! Once America’s most beloved TV dad, Cosby is now considered entertainment industry poison as he faces a Continue reading

WikiLeaks Missile! Hillary Staffer Asks — ‘How Is Bill Different From Bill Cosby?’

Hillary Clinton faced demands from an Obama administration bigwig to justify why her husband isn’t charged with sexual assault! Vice President Joe Biden‘s former chief of staff asked in an email: “How is what Bill Clinton did different from what Continue reading