Benji Madden Defends Wife Cameron: She’s Still Relevant!

Benji madden wife cameron diaz career

Talk about a party foul! According to an onlooker at a recent Hollywood Hills bash, rocker Benji Madden went off the rails after a partygoer made a comment about his wife Cameron Diaz’s fizzling career. “Someone asked why Cam hasn’t made any movies lately and he blew up,” says the spy. “He started ranting about how she’s still one of the most in-demand actresses in Hollywood.” While it doesn’t seem that way from the outside — Cam’s most recent movie was Annie in 2014  — another source claims the actress has in fact been offered roles, but she’s turned them down to focus on married life. Says the source: “Sounds like Benji doth protest too much. Maybe he’s feeling guilty!”

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