Bette Midler Charging For Seats At Own Broadway Show!

Bette midler broadway show

Bette Midler may be the new queen of Broadway, but don’t expect a free ride!

The Divine Miss M is starring in a wildly popular revival of the musical “Hello, Dolly!”

But so many friends are clamoring for seats for the hot-ticket show that Bette’s begun charging them!

“Bette has six house seats to every show. They are reserved for her to buy.

If she doesn’t want them, then they are released 24 hours before her performance,” a show insider told Radar.

“Tons of friends have been begging her to get them tickets, but what they don’t realize is Bette has to pay $209

for each of her reserved seats, and she isn’t willing to eat the expense.

If you ask for tickets, you better be prepared to write a check — although cash is also accepted.”

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