Keeping Up With Kim! Kylie Jenner’s Diva Demands After ‘Dethroning’ Sister Revealed — ‘This Isn’t Going To End Well’

Kylie Jenner Diva Demands Revealed

There is a new leader of the Kardashian clan and it ISN’T Kim — or a Kardashian for that matter! After Kardashian admitted younger sister Kylie Jenner has “dethroned” her in terms of social media following, a source close to the family tells exclusively, “This is not going to end well!”

“Now that Kylie knows she is in such high-demand after the huge success of her app, she is starting to turn into a real diva and they are all really concerned right now,” says the source.

Although Kylie and her sister Kendall Jenner are reportedly getting their own spin-off show, the 18-year-old plastic princess ALSO wants more air time on Keeping up with the Kardashians.

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“Kylie has told Kris that they should focus more on her in the show rather than on Kim,” the source says. “She added that is clear to her who the fans really want to see now.”

According to the source, Kris is enamored with her new cash cow, so “Kylie might just get what she wants.”

Meanwhile, “Her older sisters just think that she is becoming the sort of person they don’t even want to be around anymore,” the insider says.

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“She was always so sweet and fragile. Now she is all about herself, her image and her relationship with Tyga. Everyone is just hoping it is a phase.”

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