People can’t stop talking about this best-selling drone (65% off)

There are lots of reasons to pick up this top-selling drone, starting with it being an amazingly good time. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s now 65% off — meaning you can get the Code Black Drone with HD Camera for $69 at the Radar Shop.


The Code Black Drone is small, but incredibly mighty. Every charge gives it 10 minutes of flight time — that’s 10 minutes of four-way flips, with every move captured on the built-in HD camera. Want an aerial shot of your epic pool party this summer? The Code Black’s got you covered.


And since it’s got both beginner and expert flight modes — along with a 6-axis flight control system for extra stability — even drone newbies will have fun with it. Whether you’re looking for a fun toy to get you through winter or the perfect birthday gift for you impossible-to-shop-for boyfriend or father – there’s no better time to pick up a Code Black.


Get the Code Black Drone with HD Camera for $69 at the Radar Shop.

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