Rest In Peace: Frank Gifford’s Funeral Arrangements Revealed — Plus Kathie Lee’s Heartbreaking Tribute

Frank Gifford Funeral

Four days have passed since football legend Frank Gifford died suddenly of natural causes at his family home in Greenwich, Connecticut at the age of 84, and a source close to the Gifford family reveals to exclusively details about his upcoming burial plans.

“The Gifford family has decided to have a very private funeral,” says the source.

And though they have yet to release a date or location, “Frank is going to be buried in a family plot that is near their home in Connecticut so that the family can visit him whenever they’d like,” the insider adds.

On Tuesday, Frank’s wife of almost 30 years – TODAY Show host Kathie Lee Gifford – tweeted that she was “in tears now, not from grief, but from reading all the incredibly kind and moving messages you are sending to me and my children … Blessed!! And may God richly bless each of you in return. #grateful.”

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“Kathie Lee is actually in relatively good spirits right now and everyone is really surprised at how well she is taking this,” the source tells Radar. “She is a strong woman.”

As Radar previously reported, Kathie Lee paid tribute to her late husband in a message relayed on the TODAY Show by co-anchor Hoda Kotb.

“I was holding her hand, and she said, ‘A 4-year-old girl having cancer is a tragedy.’ She said Frank lived to be almost 85. She said he lived an incredible life, has an incredible family and an incredible legacy. She said his life is a triumph.”

According to the source, “Kathie Lee has been surrounded by her entire family since Frank’s passing and has not really had time to process it, but she has even said that she wants to get back to work as soon as the funeral and services are through.”

Frank is survived by Kathie Lee, as well as five children— daughters Cassidy and Victoria, as well as sons Cody, Jeff and Kyle Gifford.

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  1. Having lost a husband in 1984, after 20 years of marriage, he having 4 children who are adult children along the 4 daughters we had, can more then understand the value of how prayer improves, keeps us together, his word can comfort the hearts in times like. This, and admire the time you put a film together of Aimee Simple McPherson who is my mentor in the Foursquare church as was 16 and half and raised in Foster Homes, and later a Sister Alta Smith became my mentor in the Church called the Living Way Tabernacle in Okmulgee, now married to a man who is 1 year older then myself but for 20 years God was my source of leadership and directions to raising 3 teenagers and 1 7 year old, So prayers are greatly with you the strength and comfort of the Holy Spirit and all those who will be there to hold your hand and comfort you in prayer and in Song, but as it is my heart Kahn and your Children and even to his first wife and family may the Lord richly comfort nd encourage you and all those of who will be there to support you.
    From The White and Kirby family in Ada, Oklahoma

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