‘Teen Mom 3′ Star Briana DeJesus’ Baby Daddy Arrested For Drug Possession

A new season of Teen Mom, new arrests.

Teen Mom 3 star Briana DeJesus‘ baby daddy, Devoin Austin II was arrested over Labor Day weekend for possession of drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia, burglarizing and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, RadarOnline.com is reporting.

According to the police report, Austin was arrested in Kissimmee, Fla. and was held on $5,000 bond.

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DeJesus posted a TweetPic of his arrest and mug shot after the arrest with the caption:

“This is why I’m over protective when it come to MY* child, ill be damned if she knew what jail even meant!”

As Radar exclusively reported in June, Austin — who is the father of DeJesus’ daughter Nova Star — was busted on March 21 for possession of marijuana under 20 grams and plead guilty to the charge, receiving one year of county supervised probation and one day in jail.

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Last year the MTV bad boy was also charged with possession of cannabis when police caught him smoking marijuana in a car with a friend.

Officers discovered 4.2 grams of weed in the car and then went on to find 2.8 more grams in the backpack of Austin’s friend. The friend also had a scale.

Austin’s friend was arrested for possession with intent to sell — and Austin was charged with possession of cannabis — But the state dropped Austin’s charges in September 2012.

Get the juicy details at http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2013/09/teen-mom-3-briana-dejesus-baby-daddy-arrested-drug-possession/

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